HD 65/72/78 | Trucks | Hyundai Philippines

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The HD series are based upon a heat-treated, strengthened, ultra-rigid chassis.
illustration of super cab increased by 300mm

The extra spacious Super Cab

300 mm of extra carrying space adds a new dimension of flexibility to this class. Whether for stowage, or as rest area, it adds extra operating potential, especially for long distance operations.
side view of truck's cab is tilting forward

Tilting Cab

Servicing and regular checks are easier than ever thanks to the 50-degree tilting cab which provides quick and easy access to the engine compartment.
illustration of a hydraulic suspension and 2 rubber mounts in the cab

Semi-Floating-Type Cab Suspension

The cab rides on two oil cushioned rubber mounts. This design innovation is one of the keys to the soft, gentle ride.