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illustration of HD120's cargo is wide and long (2,340mm X 7,400mm)

HD120 ultra long

illustration of a hydraulic suspension and 4 coil type mounts in the cab

Coil Type Full Floating Cab Suspension

The cab rides on four coil-type mounts to isolate the driver from fatiguing road shocks and vibration.
image of front bumper, fog lamps, headlamps and radiator grill

Front Bumper

a black air intake duct behind of cab

Air Intake Duct

image focused on headlamps

Semi-sealed Headlamp

image focused on 2 aluminum safety steps

Aluminum Safety Steps

image focused on black door handle

Door Handle


side view of driver seat, window and steering wheel

Spacious and Comfortable

We’ve created an exceptionally comfortable working environment with plenty of legroom and headroom that help relax the driver while keeping him alert during long hauls.
front-facing image of steering wheel

Power Steering

illustration of steering wheel is tilting up and down

Tilt and Telescopic Steering

image focused on gearshift lever

Folding Gearshift Lever

keyhole with green lamp on

Keyhole Lamp

overhead console and stereo system

Overhead Console

image of a map in the door side pocket

Door Pocket

center console box with 2 cup holders

Centre Seatback Console

front image of air control system with several buttons and dials

Air Control System

The heating, ventilation and optional air conditioning system is driven by a powerful fan and high efficiency compressor and heat exchanger. Air is delivered into the cabin at critical points to help keep the driver alert and comfortable regardless of the weather outside.
illustration of air control system working in the cockpit

Air Control System

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