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Cargo Truck


illustration of ABS working without slip

ABS with ASR (Anti-Slip Regulator)

This ABS (Anti-locking Brake System) brings the vehicle to a safe, controlled stop and is excellent while driving under slippery road conditions. The driver can apply maximum pressure on the brake pedal without worrying about wheel lock, skidding and subsequent loss of control. With ABS/ASR, the driver can maintain full directional stability of the vehicle at all times and avert potentially dangerous situations. (Optional)
black and large several cylindrical air tanks

Aluminum Alloyed Large Capacity Air Tanks

auto lining adjuster part

Auto Lining Adjuster

gradual parking brake's lever pulled up

Gradual Parking Brake

(As standard excluding to optional trailer brake)
yellow safety beam inside of door

Door Safety Beam

driver seat belt buckled up

ELR Seat Belt

big and wide front grill and bumper

Wide and Strong Front Bumper

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