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Cargo Truck


image of MFR type Headlamp

MFR Type Headlamps

The new headlamps on the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck provide impeccable visibility in the dark. The new and effective clear-glass headlamps containing complex surface reflectors which further extend the range of the road illumination allow the light to be emitted to the best possible effect.
front grab handle with washer nozzle below window shield

Front Grab Handles and Window Washer Nozzle

Front grab handles offer a secure grip for cleaning and maintenance operations. Window washer nozzles deliver all round visibility in any weather.
air is going through corner vanes in front of cab

Corner Vanes

Cab aerodynamics is advanced by the addition of corner vanes which assist reducing wind noise inside the cabin.
big and wide front grill, bumper and fog lamps

Wide Bumper and Fog Lamps

Large wraparound bumper offers 2-stage protection for excellent safety. Built-in foot steps clear angulated front fog lamps further enhance visibility.
air deflector on the roof of truck's cab

Roof Spoiler (Air Deflector)

The roof spoiler improves cab aerodynamics for better fuel economy at high speed cruising
a driver stands a huge truck with opening door

Wide Opening Door and Anti-slip Step

Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck’s ergonomically designed access has all the necessary safety features such as anti-slip foot step and 90 degree opening doors.
large and big side mirrors with heating coil

Large Outside Mirror

Large outside mirror provides a perfect side view, while their housings are rounded for reduced wind noise. Heating function is available as an option.
black air intake ducts on the truck's cab

Air Intake Duct

Both the high mounted and low mounted air intake ducts on the cab had been designed to maximize the intake efficiency with large capacity, while the aerodynamic design.
a tire with alloy wheel

Radial Tires and Alloy Wheels

Radial tires offer longer service life, lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy, quieter performance and greater safety. What’s more the alloy wheels are more efficient for long range trips as they increase the cooling capacity of tires and brake parts for enhanced braking power.


inside of truck's cockpit with wide dessert view

The Workplace, as Your Home

The ergonomically designed driver’s space on the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck harmoniously combines functionality with efficiency. The steering wheel with tilting function, well-positioned overhead console and climate control switches are provided for easy to drive. From the wraparound instrument panel and power windows to the central door lock system and numerous storage bins, every feature in the cabin works to relieve the stress and strain of daily driving.
driver seat on the air suspension kit

Air Suspension Seat

The air suspension seat offers an ideal driving position from pneumatic lumbar support and side contour adjustment for fatigue free driving. (Optional on all models)
cluster with speedometer, rpm and several gauges

Gauge Cluster

The instrument cluster in the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck stands out with its clear layout and high readability thanks to LED illumination.
wide and long sleeping bed behind of driver seat

Wide and Long Sleeping Bed

The generously sized bed, clearly separated from driving space, offers cozy relaxation to the fatigued driver. A heating pad is provided for the driver’s convenience.
centre console box beside of driver seat

Centre Console Box

With various compartment in the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck’s cab, wide open stowage area is located in centre console for various small items which are required for your business.
overhead console box is opened

Overhead Console Box

The driver will find spacious stowage compartments above the windscreen, which offers sufficient space convenient in holding small goods, maps and various documents needed for your business.
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