Hyundai Carwellness | Preventive Maintenance Service

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Hyundai Carwellness

Hyundai Carwellness 

Preventive Maintenance Service


1. Promo is open to all Hyundai vehicle owners (both within and out of warranty coverage).

2. Customers availing PMS via Hyundai D2D Pick-up and Delivery and Hyundai D2D Home Service are entitled to the Promo.

3. Customers who will have their Preventive Maintenance Service on promo duration are entitled to the following:

a. 20% discount on PMS labor
b. 20% discount on PMS parts
c. Free 21-point check-up
d. FREE car wash
e. 50% discount on anti-bacterial fumigation services using bactakleen (Optional)

4. Interested customers may visit their preferred dealership or book an appointment thru Hyundai CARES (HCARES) contact center, and Hyundai Facebook page.

5. HARI reserves the right to modify/change the promo in consultation with and approval by the DTI-FTEB.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-119930 Series of 2021