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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Hyundai Parts ordered thru HUB covered by warranty?

Parts ordered thru HUB and installed by the selling dealer are covered by a 1 year warranty reckoned from installation date, but parts that are not installed at the same selling dealership does not have warranty.

What is the estimated delivery/pick-up time if parts ordered is available at the Hyundai Dealer?

For pick up at the dealership:
Pick up could be done until 3pm on the same working day as the proof of payment is verified and acknowledged by the dealer, otherwise, pick up shall be next working day.

For delivery:
Standard Delivery is up to 3 working days from the date the proof of payment is verified by dealer.

Same day delivery may be allowed, upon verification of proof payment by the dealer. The customer shall handle the delivery arrangement with their preferred delivery service provider and shall pay for the delivery fee.

What is the estimated delivery/pick-up time if parts ordered is not available at the Hyundai Dealer but available at the warehouse?

For orders serviced by MM dealers, delivery lead time is around 3-5 working days from verification of proof of payment.

For orders serviced by Provincial dealers, the lead time shall be 15-30 working days for regular delivery.

Air freight could be arranged by the dealer with additional cost to be shouldered by the customer.

What are the modes of payments for parts ordering?

Your selling dealer shall provide you with the information on available payment channel.

Is partial or down payment sufficient for ordered parts to be processed by the dealer?

It depends on the discretion of your dealer. Please coordinate with your selling dealer.

May customers cancel the parts ordered?

Unpaid orders can still be cancelled. However, once payment is made either full or partially, order cancellation is no longer possible.

If I want the parts to be shipped via air, who will shoulder the air freight cost?

Airfreight cost shall be shouldered by the customer.

What are the available delivery options?

Delivery may be through any preferred courier/delivery service provider (LBC, DHL, Airspeed, Lalamove, Grab, Mr. Speedy, JRS) available within the area, to be arranged by the dealer or by the customer. Once picked up by the courier or delivery service the dealer shall no longer be liable for any loss, damage or mishandling of your order.

Can customer arrange his/her own courier/delivery service provider to pick-up the item (i.e., Lalamove, Grab, Mr. Speedy, etc)?

Yes, but schedule and other necessary information for the pick-up of the items must be properly coordinated with the selling dealer. Once items are already picked up by the customer’s preferred rider/ courier, the selling dealer shall no longer be held liable for the items.

Is it possible for the customer to track the progress of parts ordered without calling the dealer?

Real-time tracking services are not available as of the moment. However, your dealer shall update you on the status of your order from time to time.

Are there any documents required to be provided by customer during pick-up or delivery of parts ordered?

There are no documents required. However, customer must use its HUB registered contact number/email address when notifying dealer of pick up arrangement, and provide the dealer with the details and the name of the representative or the delivery service provider.

What will happen if 2 out of the 5 items only ordered are available at the dealer, what will be the process; will there be two (2) order entries and 2 delivery fees for the customer?

For partial availability of ordered parts, delivery fee recalculation shall be made by the dealer. However, should the customer prefer to wait for the rest of the parts to be available for one time delivery, original delivery fee shall remain.

What will happen if the parts ordered arrive damaged/ defective or were not the ones ordered by the customer?

Parts are carefully checked and handed over by dealer to your preferred delivery service provider/courier or your authorized representative in good condition. Sending a photograph of the actual parts to your registered contact information is a standard practice for us. Aside from this, the good condition receipt shall be handed and signed by your authorized representative/courier/rider. This practice is put in place for customer’s peace of mind that parts being delivered/handed over are correct and in good condition.

As such, we encourage you to submit the claim with the courier/service delivery provider immediately or within 24 hour from receipt of your order. Upon receipt, we suggest that the customer check the item in front of the courier/delivery service to save time in claiming in case it warrants one. Procedure for claims may vary in every courier, be sure to check with them before contacting one for your delivery needs.

Can I get my refund if I cancel my order?

Since cancellation of orders is only possible when orders are not yet paid, there is no refund available.

What is the usual price range or estimate for the air freight?

It depends on the parts dimension and weight. Each courier may also charge differently.

Shall I receive Sales Invoice from my HUB order?

Yes. Dealer shall provide the Sales Invoice upon parts pick up or during parts delivery.