Hyundai H-100 KapitanKargo Moves Your Business to Greater Success

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There’s no better time to set up a business than now. With exciting prospects brought on by the digital revolution, entrepreneurs are finding more ways to engage with their customers online and bring goods to them faster and in more convenient ways, thanks to modern mobility options available in the market. That’s why even Hyundai’s trusty workhorse, the H-100, has also expanded its range of variants to suit the growing needs of today’s new generation of entrepreneurs. Introducing the newest member of the Hyundai H-100 stable, KapitanKargo.


Reliably at your service


Whether you need a vehicle to help you move house, haul goods, or deliver products, the H-100 KapitanKargo fits your needs and your business operations. Its payload capacity is immediately reassuring. Thinking of loading more than a ton of goods? No sweat with the H-100 KapitanKargo. Its cavernous cargo space allows you the flexibility to load tall or wide items, boxes or sacks of products, and it will still be able to maintain its stability while on the move. Its strong and sturdy chassis, with a wheelbase measuring 2,430 mm, is reliable, as it is stable to keep goods secure. Add to that its Load-sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) that evenly provides braking force to all wheels regardless of cargo carried, and you can trust that your hauling or delivery jobs are in good and stable hands (or wheels for that matter).


Generous Cargo Space. With payload capacity of more than 1 ton, affording you massive carrying capacity.


Diesel power that keeps up with you. Equipped with Euro 4 CRDi diesel engine and 6-speed M/T for fuel efficient operation.


High efficiency, high performance


When it comes to performance, the H-100 KapitanKargo is a dependable road partner. It’s equipped with a 2.5-liter CRDi diesel engine that provides maximum power of 130 ps at 3,800 rpm and maximum torque of 26 kg-m at 1,500-3,500 rpm, so you don’t come up short when you need to accelerate or negotiate inclined roads. Hyundai’s CRDi engine is likewise efficient, as it delivers highly pressurized and precise diesel fuel quantity for optimal combustion. Mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, KapitanKargo’s CRDi engine operation becomes even more economical, thanks to smoother shifts in between gears, which ease up engine stress and load.


Aerodynamic Cab. Intelligently sculpted cab helps lessen wind resistance for smoother drives.


Car-like interior. Drive comfortably in H-100 KapitanKargo's modern and ergonomic interior space layout.


Strength for the long haul


What you can also count on in the H-100 KapitanKargo is its durability. At the HARI Assembly and Logistics, Inc. (HALO), every cargo body of KapitanKargo undergoes the 7-step Electrodeposition process, making it extra durable to keep it protected from corrosion. It’s likewise worth noting that the H-100 provides a modern, ergonomic driver space with sedan-inspired dashboard that neatly organizes vehicle information, air conditioning, and audio system for a fuss-free drive.


Hyundai paid particular importance to virtually every detail that makes the overall experience of operating the H-100 KapitanKargo convenient and worry-free. Specifics like an aerodynamic cab that helps lessen wind resistance for smoother drives, an expansive windshield that gives you a good view of the road, and large headlamps that offer reliable illumination during night time or inclement weather, add up to the reliability of driving the H-100 KapitanKargo.


For your business, there’s no challenge or load that can wear you down when you’ve got a partner as reliable as the Hyundai H-100 KapitanKargo. For more details, visit or inquire today at your nearest authorized Hyundai dealership.