Strategic Research Manager

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The position will be in charge of analyzing data from the market in the timeliest manner. He/she will be responsible in collecting information on how the market percieves Hyundai's products and services. The Market Research Manager (MRM) will aide in identifying what the target market does, think, buy, or believe and more importantly, what makes them decide to purchase a product and/or avail a service. In the process, the MRM will identify the target market's wants and needs.


The data gathered is valuable in making informed decisions and shall form the basis in formulating marketing/advertising campaigns, product upgrades, and facelifts. Their inputs will all be aimed in improving the Hyundai brand equity in the country and also ensure that the product offerings are attuned to what the market accurately needs.




Masteral degree. Economics, Statistics or Finance.




5-10 years in Strategic Planning, Economic & Industry Research Analytics and Financial Analysis.




Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Economic & Industry research and analysis.




• Knowledge in the areas of strategic planning, economic research, industry analysis, econometric & time series model building, and forecasting.
• Strong business acumen.
• Good leadership and coaching skills.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
• Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. 


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