Hyundai Assembly Center

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Hyundai Assembly Center

Hyundai Motor Company, on its 50th year, advances brand presence in the ASEAN in a grand way with the rise of the first-ever Hyundai assembly plant in the country.


The Hyundai Assembly Center, managed and operated by affiliate company PANASIA, Inc., and manned by a highly experienced plant staff of 125, closes the circle of business sustainability for HARI.


HAC stands as a testament to the Korean automotive giant's long-standing confidence in the Philippine market and the Filipino's acumen for building Hyundai into one of the third top-ranking automotive brands in the country.


The shift from distributor to assembler has HARI stepping up with the entire business community to introduce new value to customers, the Industry, and the Economy: for customers, better access to their models of choice; for the Industry and the Economy, the much needed boost to the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector through job generation, skills enhancement, and technology transfer. The facility initially assembled units of the Hyundai Eon and the Hyundai H350. In late 2019, the HAC began assembling the Hyundai Accent for the Philippine market.


The stage is set for HARI to unleash a new wave of opportunities for the Philippines to enhance its competitive edge in the global and regional value chains.