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blue color Eon is placed in front of a building with unique design


Built Tougher


All eyes on you

Eon's smart looks not only catches others' eyes but also steals their heart in a snap.
Blue EON
Front view of yellow Eon

Unexpected Spaciousness

Side view of yellow Eon

Innovative, trustworthy, unpretentious.

Full view of front interior with cockpit

Intelligent design with roomy interiors

Get ready to be dazzled by Eon's clever space planning. Space all around the cabin is roomy enough to cater for your family's needs and comfort.


Performance gragh of 0.8 MPi gasoline engine

0.8 MPi gasoline engine

Enjoy optimum fuel efficiency at all times with the 814 cc eco-friendly Epsilon engine and unmatched mileage of 20.8 km/ℓ via weight reduction and reduced friction loss.
Motor driven power steer illustrated

Motor driven power steer (MDPS)

Replacing the conventional hydraulic powered steering system with an electric motor has greatly reduced steering complexity and weight while maintaining excellent steering response and helping boost fuel economy.
5-Speed manual transmission

5-Speed manual transmission

The silk-smooth 5-speed manual transmission ensures high level of involvement with your vehicle and maximum fuel economy.
Partial view of suspension


Eon rides on a McPherson strut suspension in the front with an anti-roll bar and coil springs fitted around gas-charged dampers. In the back is a torsion beam axle suspension supplemented by coil springs and gas-charged shock absorbers.
Front disc brake

Front disc brake

13-inch ventilated front disc brakes and reliable rear drum brakes deliver impressive stopping power.


Structure of Eon illustrated

Reinforced structure

We've got you covered. With a square-shaped radiator support panel, reinforcement on the floor panel and door side impact beams, Eon's strong body structure helps counter the force of impact.

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