HMC and HARI host the 2012 New Model (Santa Fe) Sales Training

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At the HMC New Model Sales Training, in preparation for the launch of the all-new Santa Fe, with HARI’s National Sales Training Manager, Mr. Van Aniceto (First from the Left) and the Asia-Pacific Sales training representatives at the Bellevue Manila last September.

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Training Facilitator, Mr. Forrest Goodbar (standing) presents the new features of the all-new Santa Fe to the Asia-Pacific Sales Training participants at the Bellevue Manila.

Hyundai has built its legacy on bringing true value-for-money vehicles to the automotive industry. Today, it’s one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world with soaring sales and an endless list of awards that have made Hyundai a household name. Hyundai’s success lies not only on its improved design but also in the strength of its sales and networks. Hyundai makes sure that their partners and distributors are working constantly to enhance each Hyundai vehicle in brand image as much as its performance, quality, and customer satisfaction as the world’s best and most beloved brand.  And with the arrival of the all-new 2013 Santa Fe, Hyundai also raised the bar in satisfying customers and focused on the latest luxuries and technologies of automobiles that deliver brilliance.


Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), through the support of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), held a New Model Sales Training last September 5-6, 2012 in preparation for the launch of the all-new Santa Fe. Held at the prestigious Bellevue Manila, HMC presented the 2013 Santa Fe’s new design features, the latest engineering technology and human-centric luxuries as it aims to enhance the sales skill proficiency of its Asia-Pacific partners in reinforcing product knowledge to its potential buyers and deliver better customer experience of Hyundai vehicles.  HMC conducted the two-day sales skills seminar training to meet with the global Hyundai standard in communicating product knowledge, discussing the 6-step Customer Care Processthat covers all customer touch points in the dealership, such as Customer Reception Meeting and Greeting, Vehicle Presentation, Vehicle Test Drive, Customer Negotiation, and Vehicle Delivery. The highlight of the sales training was an in-depth look at the vehicle specifications, key technologies, Pre-Drive Briefing, and a competitor test drive.


About twenty-four (24) representatives from the ten (10) participating countries in Asia-Pacific region, namely, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Cambodia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, and Hong Kong flew in to Manila to attend. The training was conducted by HMC’s Training Facilitator, Mr. Forrest Goodbar and Ms. Anuja Chandran, OTC Trainer / Non-Technical, Asia & Pacific Regional Headquarters, to advance the regional dealership sales competency and meet with HMC’s standard in product knowledge communication to its Asia-Pacific distributors