Hyundai Launches All-New Universe Coach in Japan

- First foreign commercial vehicle maker to satisfy Japan’s strict new emission standards

- Significant new features in response to local customers’ demands

Photo 1

Scene of the All-New Universe Launch in Japan

From left to right:

Yang Sub Oh [Director of Hyundai Motor], Wang Sik Min [Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor], H.Y. Choi [Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor], Dong Sub Kim [General Manager, HMJ], Changwon Cheong [Director of Hyundai Motor]

(Seoul, Korea) Hyundai Motor Company unveiled its all-new Universe coach model on Nov. 25 in Japan accelerating its foray into the Japanese large-size bus market.


Hyundai is the first foreign auto maker in Japan to meet this stringent requirement. The all-new Universe runs on a Powertech engine equipped with a system for reducing noxious gases, allowing Hyundai to satisfy the world’s strictest emission regulations while boasting powerful performance: 313 kw (425 horsepower) with 1,891 Nm (193 kg·m) of torque.

The Universe answers customer demand with several new features. The coach is now available with 59 seats in addition to the existing 29/41/47/57-seat configuration. The exterior design has been improved by incorporating the door-open switch into the front bumper.