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3D photos may vary from actual unit and accessories.
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  • Exterior Style, technology, safety – it’s easy to recognise what makes the Accent such a head-turning compact car.
  • Interior The conversation continues inside, with an effortless elegance, sweeping lines and charming contrasts.
  • PerformanceFuel efficient and environmentally conscious yet with luxuries to indulge in. It’s an engineering masterpiece anyone can enjoy.
  • Safety A rigid shell, multiple airbags and crash avoidance innovation keep you safe. Finally, a car that's a step ahead of you.
  • Convenience The Accent Hatch is built with the latest technological devices to bring users the conveniences and pleasures they enjoy off the road.
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A looker that looks
into the future

Charming Accents set this vehicle apart:
a wide and bold radiator grille in
chrome, curvy headlamps and a bonnet with character
lines and volume that exude strength. It’s fluidic and sculp-
tural, indeed.

Small in form, huge in effect
even from the back

You get a touch of modernity from all angles. A smooth surface, a bumper with rear reflectors and
wrap-around rear lamps make for a luxurious and harmonious look.

Rear combination lamps that leave a light trail
Forming a harmonious part of the rear and sides, wraparound rear lamps deliver highly visible illumination.

Always ready, ever sporty

The Accent gives off a casual coupe vibe with a sweeping roof, cab-forward design and low lines on the body.


Meant for you, in every way

Take a seat in a metallic-hued and ergonomically pleasing space
that’s easy on the eyes and practical. The doors continue the organic
sweep, and sporty, redesigned grip handles top it all off.

Two-tone interior colour & trim

  • Sunvisor
    The sunvisor has been redesigned using a knit-embossed fabric for a luxurious feel, and incorporates a pocket-type ticket holder for convenience.

  • Luggage space
    Luggage-carrying capacity is an impressive 370ℓ.

  • Sliding armrest
    The centre console armrest cover moves about 60mm forward to ehance your comfort.

  • Power window controls
    Ergonomically positioned, the power window control switches are metal coated for a better grip.

1.6 CRDi
diesel engine
with VGT

The diesel alternative, a 1.6 CRDi unit, produces a maximum 136 ps at 4,000 rpm.

Responsive automatic transmission
With the oil pressure varying for smoother shifting, the 4-speed automatic transmission offers highly responsive, sporty acceleration.

Manual transmission that purrs
6 speed manual gearbox provides smooth, noiseless gearshifts thanks to a key and ball-type synchromesh, optimised gear tooth shape and precision machining.

Anti-lock Brake

When braking on wet and slippery roads, any deviation in direction is detected by the
ABS sensors. The individual anti-lock brake system then activates to keep your
wheels from locking up, prevent skidding and maintain directional control.

  • Seatbelt pretensioners
    In a collision a sensor detects the impact and automatically tensions the seatbelts around the pelvis, for additional protection.

Audio system

The audio system, with radio, CD, MP3, USB and AUX, features 4 speakers and 2 tweeters, for high quality sound reproduction on the move.


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