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One Hyundai Night to Remember HARI advances the Hyundai global brand at a class-leading edge with the arrival of two new milestones in one grand yearend gathering for 2010

One Hyundai Night Event Photos and Captions:


One Hyundai Night to remember.  The all-new Hyundai Accent has arrived.  Executives from Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai automobiles in the Philippines, and Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), and the guest of honor from the Korean embassy, welcome Hyundai’s phenomenal sedan at “One Hyundai Night,” the grand yearend celebration of HARI (from L-R):  Mr. Edward Go, Chairman of the Board, HARI; Mr. Conrad Marty, Vice Chairman of the Board, HARI; Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo, President and CEO, HARI; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Mr. Lee Hye-Min; Mr. Richard Lee, Chairman Emeritus, HARI; Mr. Young-Kil Chun, Senior Vice President, Asia and Pacific Division, HMC; and Mr. Hoo-Kuen Kim, Head of Asia & Pacific Regional Headquarters, HMC.



Accentuating a milestone.  Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai automobiles in the Philippines, marks a new milestone with the arrival of the all-new Hyundai Accent at the “One Hyundai Night,” HARI’s yearend celebration recently held at the A. Venue, Makati City.  In the photo, Hyundai’s newest compact sedan shares the limelight with HARI’s top executives (from L-R):  Mr. Edward Go, Chairman of the Board; Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo, President and CEO; and Mr. Conrad Marty, Vice Chairman of the Board.


A.Venue, Makati City, December 2, 2010––Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the third top-ranking automotive company in the Philippines today, takes on a leap to advancing the Hyundai global brand further at the frontlines of the industry with the double launch of its newest Innovations for the Future, merged in one grand celebration of unity and progress dubbed the “One Hyundai Night” – featuring the All-New Accent, the newest face of its phenomenal compact driveline, and the One Hyundai Club, the first-ever, distributor-based, car loyalty program in the country.


The One Hyundai Night is HARI’s grandest yearend gathering this 2010 as it brings together Hyundai’s family of motorists, media partners, and its 36 strong dealerships across the nation to set its two pioneering breakthroughs on an unstoppable countdown as they set off to new heights and new expectations.  But more than racing for automotive supremacy, this history in the making is a realization of the Hyundai brand’s endearing passion to recreate a strong and unified fellowship driven by the values of sharing and service and a joint vision to achieve a distinctly refined and confident motoring lifestyle experience for everyone.  Beyond fame and glamour, this event serves as HARI’s promise to show its endless commitment for constant change, innovation, and progress for total customer satisfaction – to open a new window for a bright and affluent future that all of us move and accelerate together.


Taking the Hyundai motoring community on a journey that characterizes a class-leading edge, HARI transforms the A. Venue into a celebration of technology, utilizing the most sophisticated audio-visual spectacle and advanced staging mechanism that call to mind Hyundai’s cutting-edge technology and its signature fluidic sculpture, Hyundai’s new design hallmark in the automotive industry.  Shifting more of the spotlights onto Hyundai’s grand gathering is a fusion of classical and modern performances brought on by the powerhouse ensemble of outstanding Filipino artists now being recognized both in the local and international scenes: critically-acclaimed chamber music artist Mary Anne Espina; prima ballerina of the Philippine Ballet Theater Tiffany Mangulabnan; the country’s hottest classical crossover singer and multi-awarded soprano Fame Flores; Asia’s only harpist, singer and songwriter Noelle Cassandra; Aicelle Santos, Maricris Garcia, and Jonalyn Viray—the trio of nightingales behind La Diva; The Company; and the official dance group of UNICEF for its Millennium Development Goal project in the Philippines, Bungkos Palay.


Intensifying the prestige of the One Hyundai Night further are the guests of honor from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, His Excellency, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Lee Hye-Min, and Hyundai Motor Company’s Senior Vice President in the Asia and Pacific Division, Mr. Young-Kil Chun.  No less than HARI’s President and CEO, Ms. Fe Perez-Agudo, echoes the audacity of Hyundai as a global automaker by leading the momentous arrival of Hyundai’s two new milestones in the auto industry with a powerful speech. 


The One Hyundai Club

Setting a new standard in the motoring lifestyle of every Filipino, the authorized distributor of Hyundai in the Philippines reveals its much-anticipated One Hyundai Club, the first-of-its-kind, distributor-based, car loyalty campaign in the country, forging one strong and dedicated motoring alliance that aims to fulfill an enriching Hyundai lifestyle experience that reinforces Hyundai’s established tradition of excellence.


The One Hyundai Club serves as HARI’s newest venue in rewarding its loyal customers with special privileges fitting of a refined and confident brand experience that Hyundai motorists deserve.  By joining the One Hyundai Club, a member earns loyalty points every time he/she avails of Genuine Hyundai parts or services at authorized Hyundai dealerships, or accomplishes the Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) or Customer Service Index (CSI) survey.  Loyalty points can be used to redeem premium merchandises from the One Hyundai Lifestyle Rewards Basket, which boasts of the finest collectibles from the Hyundai Brand Collection, Lifestyle Rewards, featuring items and gadgets that support your many passions in life, and exclusive discounts from distinguished partner merchants.


True to Hyundai’s world-renowned reputation of excellence in safety and dependability, HARI also partners with internationally-acclaimed AAI or Assistance Alliance International to provide One Hyundai Club members with reliable and quickly deployable support teams, should there be any need for roadside, medical or travel assistance. One Hyundai entitles its members to AAI’s 24/7 roadside aids, some of which include emergency towing, ambulance support, locksmith assistance, and referral to authorized Hyundai dealers and service centers to name a few.


As an added premium, a One Hyundai Club member is also privileged to have his/her own Hyundai-Security Bank Mastercard*.  In partnership with Security Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in the country, the Hyundai-Security Bank Mastercard makes processing of your transactions with authorized Hyundai dealerships easier and more rewarding, whether you’re buying Genuine Hyundai parts, availing of services, or even buying your Hyundai car.


Further, One Hyundai Club members can also be given priority access to Hyundai’s most happening events, where they can meet their fellow Hyundai motorists and be privileged to see firsthand Hyundai’s latest breakthrough automobiles or get an exclusive heads-up on Hyundai’s special campaigns and promotions in the country.


The All-New Hyundai Accent

The newest face of Hyundai’s phenomenal compact sedan, the All-New Accent embodies the upbeat and game-changer side of Hyundai that is breaking all the monotony in driving with its high definition of action, energy, and ferocity. Powered by an all-new Gamma CVVT petrol engine, the new Accent comes with two variants – the 1.4-liter, 5-speed Manual and its 1.6-liter Automatic counterpart also known as Accent Blue.


Running along Hyundai’s “Blue Drive” advocacy, a corporate initiative which introduces new breeds of eco-friendly technologies and products to the global market, the Accent Blue comes equipped with three, neatly-packed, eco-environmental parts that altogether make up the Blue Fuel-Efficiency Package: the (1) front bumper lip and (2) rear deflector installed right below the front and rear bumpers, respectively, to allow for better aerodynamics, and the (3) Alternator Management System, which radically improves the Accent’s charging rate and longevity by ensuring the proper flow of voltage to the battery and improving the car’s recharging habits.


Now embodying a completely new bodyline, the new Accent arrives with Hyundai’s latest design philosophy, the “Fluidic Sculpture,” a new pair of eagle-eye headlights, and Hyundai’s signature hexagonal grille.

On the road, the manual Accent packs a punch of 108ps of maximum power @ 6,300rpm and 13.9kg-m of peak torque @ 5,000rpm.  On the other hand, the Accent Blue roars up to 124ps of maximum power @ 6,300rpm and a twisting torque of 15.9kg-m @ 4,200rpm, without releasing much carbon emissions in the atmosphere.  With these performance feats and dozens of other novel features, the All-New Accent becomes a high-definition automobile that is all set to redefine the meaning of modern driving.


Bolder and braver at Top 3, HARI, together with Hyundai’s family of motorists and network caliber of dealerships in the Philippines, is definitely set on a full-scale speed to achieving the Number 1 spot in the hearts of its most-important clientele – its customers.  With more dealerships to be added in its dealer network and more top-of-the-line automobiles to be introduced in the market this 2011, truly this event is only just part of the beginning.  Nonetheless, it still deserves to be called the One Hyundai Night to remember for it is when Hyundai forged two milestones together to create one unified community that shares the same passion to building a brighter and progressive future for all Filipinos.

*Subject to bank approval.