Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, brought together experts from the automotive industry and thought leaders from private businesses and multi-lateral organizations in a groundbreaking knowledge forum, dubbed the Hyundai Innovation Congress (iCON), aimed to generate a new culture of innovation in the industry.

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Break away from the everyday with the Hyundai i20 Cross Sport



Cross over to more excitement with the newest offering from Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the Hyundai i20 Cross Sport. The new vehicle expands the Hyundai lineup, giving the customers a car choice that stands out from the usual hatchback driving experience.


During the inauguration of the Hyundai Logistics Center (HLC) in Laguna last April 28, HARI gave members of the motoring and lifestyle media and privileged guests a preview of the i20 Cross Sport that the exclusive Hyundai distributor plans to introduce to the market within the year. Designed for the more active and adventurous customers who want to achieve more with their vehicles, the i20 boasts of a premium ride experience packed with elegant style, solid performance, and sophisticated convenience features, making it ready to challenge current car segments with its value-based specifications.


The i20 Cross Sport will come in two (2) engine types: 1.4 Kappa Petrol with Dual MPI with VIS (Variable Intake System), and a 1.4 U2 CRDi Diesel, with 5-speed manual transmission and 6-speed manual transmission respectively, giving drivers the freedom and control in their driving experience with the i20 Cross Sport. Nonetheless, other drivers who prefer a minimalist and simplistic drive over the stick shift can opt for the automatic transmission in the 1.4 Kappa Petrol engine.


Active Function


Standing tall among the features of the i20 Cross Sport is its height above the ground. With a 170 millimeter ground clearance, it can perform better than most hatchbacks and sedans in plying over rough, difficult surfaces. Side mouldings and claddings, and the skid plate complement the car well, ultimately completing both form and function. All of these add a tough, SUV look on the i20 Cross Sport, while also giving an extra layer of protection to the car, enabling you to take on rough roads and even floods.


The new i20 Cross Sport is also equipped with roof rails, which also provide both looks and use to the car. The silver finish improves the rugged and sporty appeal, and its form is sturdy enough to carry sports gear or other equipment catering to outdoor activities.


Achieve a secure ride even during long drives at higher speeds with the rear tailgate spoiler of the i20 Cross Sport, as it provides excellent aerodynamics while giving your car’s rear side a compelling view. The tailgate spoiler comes with a stop lamp, also an essential for road safety.


Beautiful form


Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 gives i20 Cross Sport the looks that can attract any road onlooker. Headlining its captivating exterior design are projector headlamps and an aggressive front grille that give the i20 a unique and pleasing image, aside from its solid performance credentials.


The headlamps also come with Cornering Headlamps to provide better illumination while driving; all this is achieved while still infusing a sense of beauty in the car.


The Front Air Dam with two-tone bumper of the i20 Cross Sport, a new hexagonal grille accented by chrome surrounds, and the stylish R16 Alloy Wheels round up the car’s bold image, easily making a strong presence on the road.


Smooth way to Cross Over


Any adventure is not worth having without even an inch of safety, and the i20 Cross Sport is abundant on features to help you drive the right way on the road. First on the list is its Anti-lock Braking System or ABS, which prevents over-steering on slippery surfaces by turning on stable braking, giving you better control on the wheel despite unfavorable weather conditions. In any case of a mishap, ABS prevents wheel lock-up during panic breaking, so you can quickly regain control of the car.


The i20 Cross Sport also offers dual airbags to keep both driver and front passenger secured and safe in case of impact. In the remote possibility of a collision, impact sensing door unlock ensures that passengers can alight safely and quickly by automatically unlocking the door upon impact.


When parking, go through it like a pro with Reverse Parking Sensors that alert you of obstacles on the rear side. The Steering Adaptive Parking Guideline, which is a rear camera parking that is controlled by your steering, will precisely guide you in complex and congested parking spaces. Also, when you’re parked in a dark place and you struggle to locate your car, the i20 Cross Sport’s headlamp escort function allows the headlamp to be turned on for a limited time, so you can easily find your car.

Mist can be stubborn on car windshields especially on difficult weather situations, but the i20 Cross Sport’s rear defogger lines remove mist in the rear windshield to give you proper visibility of traffic from the rear.


Accidentally pinching your fingers, a hand, or any stuff on the windows of the i20 Cross Sport is now a far possibility with its Anti-pinch Power Windows. When any obstacle comes near, the windows detect it and will thus retract from closing.


The i20 Cross Sport Smart Pedal, made from sporty aluminum, also provides another layer of safety for you. When you step on both accelerator and brakes at the same time, it overrides the accelerator pedal and applies only the brakes so you can continue your safe drive.


Premium Drive


The i20 Cross Sport comes with a Multi-function Steering Wheel, which enables you to control your phone, make a call, or even play music via Bluetooth. The sophisticated steering wheel also has an audio system that lets you control volume and choose tracks to play.


In any case that you feel uncomfortable with the steering wheel, it is equipped with tilt and telescopic adjustment to ensure the perfect driving position for you. The i20 Cross Sport is also equipped with one touch signal system to warn lane change intention to the rear traffic – all by just a flick of a finger.


Adding more flexibility and space, the i20 Cross Sport has convenient seat configurations to accommodate more luggage or travel gear. The rear seat can be folded into 60:40 splits to create more storage space, like for a longer cargo, or bigger equipment.


The i20 also doesn’t fall short on compartments and holders to keep handy valuables neatly stored. Rear passengers also need not to worry about being less comfortable in road trips, as the i20 Cross Sport uses rear AC vents. Side mirrors also come in handy with its automatic foldable feature. The mirrors fold and unfold automatically whenever the smart key is sensed to be near the door.


So if it comes down to a difficult decision—whether to go sedan or hatchback, or maybe shift to something bigger like a Compact SUV, there’s no more need to worry. The i20 Cross Sport gives the best of all worlds all rolled into one active and exciting ride.


This article is only meant to make readers aware of the features that may be found in the i20 Cross Sport, and are by no means the final specifications of the unit that will be introduced to the Philippine market. Car specifications may vary per region. Please standby for more information on the i20 Cross Sport and its formal introduction to the market by the second semester of 2015. #