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An All-New Way to Play Hyundai introduces a new game-changer: the all-new Hyundai Accent


What is High Definition in its automotive equivalent? For Hyundai’s design experts and R&D specialists, it’s no easy task to incorporate HD technology in one of its drivelines, considering that it only applies to digital and broadcasting mediums like televisions and audio-video track lists. But ever the game-changer it is, Hyundai has turned one of its existing makes into one seamless and high-quality innovation made for the fast tracks, amplifying its features into thrill-inducing details and intensifying its power into soul-stirring performance to create one definition of amplitude, vigor, and intensity flawlessly rendered into one engineering entity – the All-New Hyundai Accent!


Curious how Hyundai managed to craft the All-New Hyundai Accent in High Definition? Then check out these seven playlists you need to tune in as to why it’s becoming one of Hyundai’s hottest automobiles on track!


Playlist No. 1: Hot Coupe Profile

Similar to its other best-of-breed brethrens, the newest Accent has managed to score a cornucopia of great coupe enhancements, heightening its profile with better dimensions, symmetry, and aerodynamics reminiscent of the iconic Genesis Coupe and the 2011 Sonata sedan. But this isn’t about Hyundai’s 300-hp-breaking muscle car or its globally successful mid-size sedan; it’s all about the reawakening of a new speed incarnate now crafted in this entry-level make, dictated by a coupe-like body style precisely hard-topped in its forward-looking, four-door, compact sedan frame.

The All-New Accent is a brand new storyline expressed in upgraded dimensions of 4370mm x 1700mm x 1450mm in terms of length, width, and height, respectively.  And it sure outdid its predecessor in incorporating a new series of optic clusters: from the pair of sharp eagle-eye headlights, to the boomerang-shaped foglamps sleekly embellished on its sexy bumper that make for a seductive illumination especially at night.


Playlist No. 2: Interior Gameplay

What’s inside revives just that same modern artistry achieved on the exterior design. Perhaps the most obvious improvement added in the Accent is its X-design fascia, with the user-friendly instruments, such as cabin temperature controls and the music console at the center.  Of course, the driving gauges remain tucked at the driver’s point-of-view, only illuminated by Supervision enhancements (Automatic) for better readability in the dark.

Moving on to the driver and passengers’ area, the seats are ergonomically designed to interact properly with the body of the user, engineered with artisan-crafted cushions to prevent repetitive strain injuries while cosseted in soft fabric (Manual) and deluxe leather (Automatic) types.  Headrests are also fitted on the front seats to help minimize neck and head injuries in cases of accidents, so does an additional center headrest (Automatic) at the rear.  Legroom is increased even more as a result of the extended wheelbase beneath, adding to overall comfort.

The deluxe console in the middle (Automatic) provides a convenient and easy-to-reach space for items like mobile phones, iPod/portable music players, or coffee tumblers for that peaceful morning drive to work.  Other useful compartments include the seatback pocket, dash slot, and door-side pouches.

For that high-def, no-monotony ride, the audio upgrade offers a lively sound system which incorporates an AM/FM radio, CD and MP3 players, Aux Input, and a slot for iPods and USB for those who want to tune in to their favorite playlists in many ways while hitting the road.


Playlist No. 3: Gamma Power-ups

Beneath the hood of the All-New Accent is one remarkable fuel-efficient powerhouse – the Gamma CVVT petrol engine – designed with a total displacement of 1.4 liters for the Manual variant and 1.6 liters for the Automatic model.  Based on Hyundai Motor Company’s road analyses, this engine can definitely pack a punch on the road, with the Manual variant delivering a maximum power of 108ps @ 6,300rpm and a staggering torque of 13.9kg-m @ 5,000rpm, and its Automatic counterpart, the Accent Blue, yielding a powerful 124ps @ 6,300rpm and a peak torque of 15.9kg-m @ 4,200rpm.

Transmission-wise, the Accent performs with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic gearbox, coupled to a responsive 3-spoke (with tilt adjustment and audio controllers for the Automatic version) Motor-Driven Power Steering that translates any trigger for veering and vector effectively to the four, full-size 175/70 R14 tires below the chassis.


Playlist No. 4: Hexagonal Grille Armor

Now, protecting the radiator and the engine, the grille of the Accent comes into play with Hyundai’s signature hexagonal frame complete with well-coated fences to keep large debris and objects from entering in while allowing air to pass through smoothly.  And while it also encases the shiny Hyundai emblem right in front of the car, it also serves as a symbolic gesture of the global company’s mantra to go far beyond the extremes with its forward-looking design philosophies and innovations for the future.  More than the practical, more than the fundamental, this insignia, which now reveals itself in the refreshed i10 compact car and the Tucson SUV surely dictates the game-changer within the Accent, a promise to set the industry straight to a brighter tomorrow with avant-garde engineering and a passion for progress.


Playlist No. 5: Deluxe Safety

Assuring a better motoring future, the Accent guarantees no less than peace of mind and dependability with its comprehensive safety features, starting from the Anti-lock Braking System or ABS, which helps steer and navigate the car safely, especially during incidences of heavy stopping or maneuvering along road bends. Coupled with an Electronic Brake-Force Distribution or EBD, this drive allows for maximized stopping power sans skidding while claiming control over the vehicle.

The Accent’s strongly-constructed body frame is designed to protect the drivers, passengers, and the fuel tank by spreading energy on the outer frame at the moment of collision, while the knee-protection pad helps protect drivers from serious knee injuries with a shielding cushion.  Airbags are also installed right behind the dashboard and steering wheel to avoid plummeting to hard objects in case of accidents.  Standard seatbelts also add an assurance of security.

The all-new Accent also comes equipped with the Keyless Entry mechanism for push-button convenience when locking or unlocking car doors, allowing you to get in or lock your car quickly and safely.


Playlist No. 6: Eco-friendly Feats

Equipped with a Multi-Point Fuel Injection or MPI system, the Gamma engine, albeit ferocious, burns gasoline at an efficient rate as the former permits fuel to be injected equally on all the Accent’s four cylinders, aiding in a more accurate and stable combustion and very low levels of carbon exhausts.  This quality runs true to Hyundai’s “Blue DriveTM” advocacy, a corporate initiative which introduces a new breed of eco-friendly technologies and products to the global market.

Veering towards the green features of the Accent Blue alone, the 1.6-liter automatic version of this compact, Hyundai’s “Blue” advocacy has also found its way in three specific parts that contribute to high fuel-efficiency by enhancing the battery’s recharging ability and aerodynamics:


1. The Alternator Management System, the most crucial part of all, radically improves the Accent’s charging efficiency by ensuring the proper flow of voltage to the battery while the engine is running. In addition, it also allows for proper recharging routines to ensure the longevity of the battery.


2. The front bumper lip, placed just below the front bumper, allows air currents to pass beneath the car smoothly, avoiding any air vortices that may disrupt aerodynamics while the Accent is accelerating.


3. Installed right in front of the rear tires is the rear deflector, which also plays the same role as the front bumper lip in improving aerodynamics.


Bearing this signature emblem with its fuel-efficient abilities, the Accent truly deserves to be hailed one of the most fuel-efficient models in the industry, a title that has been recognized by most car professionals, media experts, and auto aficionados since before.


Playlist No. 7: Fluidic Style

From the exterior build up to the interior and engine designs, nothing beats the Accent’s capacity to speed up its own game with Hyundai’s newest Fluidic SculptureTM, a design philosophy inspired by the movement and grace of flowing water.  Aspiring car buyers will surely be mesmerized by the smooth, undulating character lines and sloping fenders distinguished on its body frame, like a siren enticing with is exquisite and exotic engineering beauty that would leave car admirers running for their nearest Hyundai showrooms.


Just as how High Definition technology continues to help redefine how we see and perceive the world around us, the All-New Accent is also becoming one new definition of change and progress – one engineering statement that is all set to construe a new meaning in next-generation driving.  Because more than just a metaphor, it truly is one high-definition ride that packs a raw feeling of action, energy, and ferocity ready to change the way you play your game, anytime... with just a rush of engine power!

Get your game on and drive the All-New Hyundai Accent now!